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Two New Thirst Quenchers on the Cocktail Menu

The weather is nice and hot, so our team has decided to spoil you with new mixology creations. There’s nothing like enjoying a refreshing cocktail on our terrace to feel like you're on vacation! Take the opportunity to discover FRAISILOW and ORANGE MELON GIN, two new recipes i ... More August 14, 2020

The OREO CHOCOLATE PIE: a Heavenly Dessert!

Sugar is your biggest weakness? Well, you’d better brace yourself, we’ve added the OREO CHOCOLATE PIE on the menu! Our team recommends you to try this new guilty pleasure on your next visit.

The OREO CHOCOLATE PIE combines the much-appreciated Oreo cookies with a butt ... More August 1, 2020

Fall for the HEARTBREAKER!

For Valentine’s Day, our team recommends you the HEARTBREAKER, a creation that will, despite its name, warm your heart during this month of love!
This highly-demanded cocktail will surely charm you with its beautiful colors as well as its sweet and refreshing taste, leav ... More February 14, 2020

Sink your teeth into THE CORNICHONNE 2.0!

From February 1 to 7, fully experience the Poutine Week 2020 at SHAKER! For the occasion, our team prepared you THE CORNICHONNE 2.0, a creation made with crispy potato bites!
Without a doubt, a poutine with this name has to satisfy any pickle lover! Sliced? Diced? Think ... More January 31, 2020

Start off December right with the WINTER DELICACY!

Winter has arrived a little earlier than expected this year and to help you get through this cold period, the team prepared you a cocktail that represents perfectly this season: the WINTER DELICACY! After a good day of fresh air, the only thing you’ll crave is this unique drin ... More January 5, 2020

A first appearance at the Gin Week Quebec!

For the first time ever, our 5 restaurants in the Quebec city region is taking part in the Gin Week Quebec ! From November 15 to 23, you’ll have the chance to try our cocktail created by Jean-René Lebel, our chef mixolologist : the HONEY, I’M GOOD. Combining honey and citrus ... More November 20, 2019

New burgers on the Menu!

New menu rhymes with new dishes! The 20th edition of our menu is a real breath of fresh air, with two newbies in the BURGER section! Discover the MUSHROOM and the ULTIMATE CHEEEEZE, the most recent creations with revealing names! We can’t hide anything from you!

MUSHROO ... More November 15, 2019

Fruits and sweetness for November!

With the arrival of November, everyone needs a bit of comfort! The SHAKER Kitchen & Mixology restaurants take advantage of this period to invite you to try a dish and cocktail pairing that’ll cheer you up: the MOLTEN BRIE CHEESE, great for sharing, and THE HIBISCUS, a light, ... More November 1, 2019ébec_Royal-1.jpg

The Quebec Cocktail in all SHAKER restaurants!

The QUEBEC ROYAL, big winner of the « Créons le cocktail du Québec » contest that was launched in September 2018, is now available in our restaurants! It’s an adapted version of this cocktail that will be added permanently to the mixology menu. Light and refreshing, the QUEBEC ... More September 12, 2019


As part of the 2019 Burger Week, our team took care of preparing a delectable dish! From September 1st to 7, try L’ULTIME CHEESEBURGER, a burger bursting with flavours that will satisfy cheese lovers.

We’re pleased to reveal the ingredients behind this mouth-watering cl ... More September 3, 2019

Fall under the spell of the TRICK OF TREAT

With Halloween coming up soon, our team couldn’t not create a thematic cocktail for the occasion! We named it the TRICK OR TREAT: a fruity and very sweet creation that reminds us Halloween treats. Even though this flavour brings up childhood memories time when trick-or-treatin ... More October 21, 2019

SHAKER and Lassonde, a refreshing collaboration!

We are proud to be associated with Lassonde by introducing our cocktails, which are based on their products, in short summer videos. This company, who is a North American leader in development, production and sale of juices and fruit and vegetable beverages, is at the head of ... More September 5, 2019

SHAKER Sherbrooke teams up with the Vert & Or football club!

When autumn comes, it implies the beginning of the school year, but also … the beginning of football season! SHAKER Sherbrooke and the Vert & Or team took this opportunity to create a winning partnership. A visibility exchange arise from this collaborative arrangement, as well ... More August 28, 2019

New on the mixology menu: the BLACKBERRY MARGARITA!

In the middle of the summer, do you know what's wonderful? Berry-based mixology cocktails are at their best! In early August, our team has concocted a most refreshing creation featuring one of the berries of Quebec: the BLACKBERRY MARGARITA.

You guessed it, blackberries ... More July 8, 2019

Have a Taste of Summer with SHAKER Sangrias!

A summer without sangria? Impossible! Our team relates and now offers you 6 varieties of sangrias that you can enjoy in the sun on one of our terraces!

A good and refreshing cocktail in the middle of the summer season is what we all need. You can rediscover the 3 classi ... More June 21, 2019

SHAKER arrives in Montreal!

After numerous openings in various regions of Quebec, the SHAKER chain couldn’t miss one of the most festive cities in the province: MONTREAL! Last May, a branch finally arrived in the greater city, specifically on the Boulevard St-Laurent, an important commercial and cultural ... More June 8, 2019

First Quebec Cider on the Menu!

Our team is pleased to announce that a product from Cidrerie Lacroix is on the menu, just in time for the summer season! We are proud to be associated with this Quebec company, which is stepping up its efforts to be more and more eco-responsible. Some of their ciders are recog ... More May 28, 2019

When Freshness Meets Spices

With the long-awaited arrival of summer, our team suggests you to try the BLOODY JACK, along with the ITALIAN BEEF classic. This dish & cocktail pairing is focused on fresh ingredients to offer you a culinary experience you’ll remember!

The steak seasoning in the cockta ... More May 1, 2019

Victoriaville’s turn to welcome the SHAKER concept!

The arrival of SHAKER in Victoriaville was like a bombshell! Shortly after its opening in March, the popularity of the restaurant has exploded! The residents of Victoriaville appreciated the tartare & mixology and the craze is felt both on weekdays and weekends.

It’s in ... More April 8, 2019

Discover the HOLY GRAIL!

Winter being (finally!) over, we can’t help but reflect on the beautiful season ahead. If you are one of those who are eagerly waiting for the sun to warm up the terraces, our team proposes you something that will make it worth the wait: discover the Holy Grail, the perfect al ... More April 1, 2019

A Pairing Starring Citrus Fruits!

It is well known, citrus fruits are the sweetest during winter! And since the month of March marks the end of this season, why not enjoy them in all shapes and sizes? This is why we offer you a dish & cocktail pairing: LEMON DILL SALMON, some of the tastiest tartare, and the 6 ... More March 1, 2019écouvrez-la-pouting.jpg

Discover ”La PouTING”!

We are proud to participate in The Poutine Week which will take place from February 1st to February 7th. For the occasion, we present “La PouTING“, a meal combining two classics of Quebec gastronomy!

Rediscover the taste of Chinese fondue – a traditional meal enjoyed by ... More February 4, 2019

Brighten Up February with the MERRY POPPINS!

The cold temperatures of February make you dream of sunny summer days, basking under a parasol, cocktail in hand? Why not forget the cold by going out with friends in one of our restaurants?

Discover the MERRY POPPINS during your next visit! It’s a fresh and fruity cock ... More February 1, 2019é-1.jpg

Rediscover the poke bowl!

A fresh wind always feels good! That’s why our team is stating the year with a new version of our poke bowl.

Let yourself be tempted by this fresh and tasty dish! It consists of a bed of rice on which is placed an amalgam of cucumbers, carrots, avocado and fried wonton ... More December 19, 2018ël-avec-le-LADY-MARMELADE.jpg

Drink the Christmas Spirit with the LADY MARMELADE!

For a long time, it has been a Quebec tradition that nice children would receive an orange in their Christmas stockings. This custom may have disappeared over the years, but the orange is still served in all its forms in the recipes of the holiday season.

Our team was ... More December 11, 2018

A Dessert for a Good Cause!

December is the perfect time of the year to realize how lucky we are to be healthy and to have a roof over our heads. As the holiday season approaches, our team wants to help the less fortunate by participating in the Marto Napoli initiative, in collaboration with Pâtisserie M ... More November 29, 2018écouvrez-le-goût-réconfortant-du-MOKA-FRIO.jpg

Discover the Comforting Taste of the MOKA FRIO!

With winter right around the corner, there’s nothing better than offering yourself a little comfort to help embrace the colder days.

To do so, our team invites you to discover the MOKA FRIO, a dessert cocktail with a sweet taste, served cold, with a coffee flavour.

... More November 20, 2018à-l’honneur.jpg

The lychee in the Spotlight!

Sometimes, one common ingredient is all you need to create the perfect match! Discover the taste of lychee in the dish & cocktail pairing proposed by our team: the RED TUNA WITH GINGER LYCHEE, a mild tartare, and THE SHAMAN, a sweet and fruity cocktail.

RED TUNA WITH G ... More October 26, 2018

Drink the Summer Until the Last Drop

Once more, our team adds its special touch to a classic cocktail and presents an interpretation of the SPRITZ APEROL, a perfect drink to end the summer!

Fresh and bitter, this citrus-flavoured cocktail will send you straight to Italy, from where comes the emblematic sp ... More September 24, 2018

Travel with THE BOLLYWOOD!

The SHAKER Kitchen & Mixology restaurants our proud to participate to the 2018 Burger Week and present, for the occasion, “The Bollywood”, an Indian-inspired burger!

Served in a pink brioche bread with gilding, this burger is composed of an Indian-spiced chicken thigh, ... More August 31, 2018

Sangria: The Drink of the Summer!

The drink of choice for the summer? Sangria! A mixture made from red, white or rosé wine, just sweet enough, decorated with pretty fruit slices! Whether you like it in a glass or you like to share it in a pitcher, sangria is the perfect drink to sip on in the sun.

In ad ... More August 13, 2018

A New Local Product on the Menu!

The SHAKER Kitchen & Mixology restaurants are proud to support Quebec businesses and offer them a place on the menu. It is with enthusiasm that they unveil their newest partner: Kombucha du Mont-Ferréol!

The SHAKER restaurant team has incorporated this tasty beverage in ... More July 26, 2018

The New “Big Boss”: Twice As Much Burger Deliciousness

If you are one of those who always want more, our new “Big Boss” Burger will satisfy your appetite!

You’ll see double when you look at this burger, partly thanks to its two AAA Canadian Angus beef patties and its two slices of cheese, one of Canadian cheddar cheese and ... More July 13, 2018

Montérégie, here we come!

After setting foot in several regions of Quebec, the big SHAKER family opens a first restaurant in Montérégie, specifically in St-Hyacinthe! It's in July 2018, in the middle of the summer season, that this 12th SHAKER Kitchen & Mixology welcomed its first customers.

Tak ... More July 8, 2018

Justify: MADE WITH LOVE Public Prize Winner!

For the fourth year in a row, a cocktail from the SHAKER restaurants wins the first place in the public eye at the MADE WITH LOVE Mixology Contest!

Our mixologists presented the JUSTIFY cocktail, named in honour of the 2018 American Triple Crown racehorse champion; seco ... More July 6, 2018


After a few weeks of adjustments, it is now official: SHAKER St-Joseph is open to the public!

Having seen a great success in the past few weeks, it is with enthusiasm that their team now invites the public to discover the concept SHAKER Kitchen & Mixology; a concept tha ... More June 19, 2018

Strawberry on the Menu!

In June, we savour the strawberry in all its glory! It is under this theme that our team suggests the STRAWBERRY SALMON POKE BOWL and BARNEY in LOUISEVILLE dish & cocktail pairing; the perfect combination to enjoy on one of our terraces!


... More June 6, 2018

Spring essences … in a Glass!

In the next few weeks, we will be able to relax on a sunny terrace! To fully enjoy it, our team invites you to a moment of escape by sipping a delicious cocktail with spring essences. Discover HERBAL ESSENCE, a herbaceous and fruity cocktail with a peach and basil flavour!

... More May 17, 2018

Sherbrooke Is the Host of the 10th SHAKER!

Barely three years after the opening of the first SHAKER in Ste-Foy, we’re can count 10 restaurants across Quebec! Our new one? The SHAKER Sherbrooke, which has recently opened at the Carrefour de l’Estrie!

With its amazing mezzanine and breathtaking cellar, the SHAKER ... More May 11, 2018

Melt for The Cheese Week from May 7 to 13, 2018!

This year, RestoQuebec has combined its popular Grilled Cheese Festival and Mac N’ Cheese Week concepts to create the ultimate thematic cheese week: The Cheese Week!

For the occasion, the participating restaurants could choose to present a revisited version of one of th ... More May 9, 2018

SHAKER Trois-Rivières & Les Aigles de Trois-Rivières : a Winning Partnership!

SHAKER Cuisine & Mixologie restaurant of Trois-Rivières is proud to partner with Les Aigles de Trois-Rivières professional baseball team! This new winning partnership for both the team and the baseball fans will kick off the new season in May!

For the occasion, all Satu ... More April 27, 2018

Opposites Attract!

One is sweet, the other is salty, but their encounter creates a unique blend of flavours! Discover the dish & cocktail pairing suggested by our team: the TWO SALMONS, a well-seasoned tartare, and the COMTE DRACULA, a sweet cocktail.

With its mix of fre ... More April 6, 2018

A SHAKER in the Restaurant Area of the Cercle

Since the opening of the first SHAKER Kitchen & Mixology in 2015 in Ste-Foy, the co-owners of the banner were thinking of opening a restaurant in downtown Quebec City.

Barely three years later, with now 10 operating restaurants across the province, including four in th ... More March 29, 2018

A SHAKER in Mauricie!

Since 2015, the SHAKER Kitchen & Mixology restaurants family has grown steadily all over the province, to the delight of cocktail, tartare & burger lovers. It's now the turn of Trois-Rivières to welcome the newest establishment, settling at Les Rivières shopping center, in the ... More March 13, 2018

Light As Air!

SHAKER Kitchen & Mixology restaurants reinvent the classic Royal Kir, and add the "Bubbles" section to their mixology menu, offering two new cocktails to discover on your next outing!

Both made from sparkling wine, these new slightly sweet and ... More March 1, 2018

Experience La Cornicochonne!

Until February 7, The Poutine Week 2018 reaches its peak in Quebec and our 4 restaurants of the city participate with "La Cornichonne", a poutine combining the good taste of a smoked meat with a classic poutine!

From the first bite, you can see for yourself : the marria ... More February 2, 2018

SHAKER Kitchen & Mixology Crowned Emerging Franchisor of the Year at the 17th Gala Maillon d’Or

Presented by the Conseil québécois de la franchise, this annual gala pays tribute to the industry players who have distinguished themselves the most. It is with great pride that SHAKER Kitchen & Mixology has been awarded this award highlighting the sustained efforts of its bra ... More January 26, 2018ématique-de-décembre-LE-NOËL-BLANC.jpg

December’s Theme Cocktail: LE NOËL BLANC!

Holiday season stands for many things: family reunions, good times, sweet treats ... and a little (a lot) of snow too! As we know, in Quebec, a Christmas is not a "real" Christmas without snow!

Our team was inspired by the winter festivities and everything surrounding i ... More December 8, 2017

In November, We’re Out and About!

It’s not because autumn’s end is close that we need to start hibernating! In spite of not being able to prolong the season of colours, give yourself a dose of comfort with the dish & cocktail pairing we offer.

St. Laurent gin-based cocktail origi ... More November 21, 2017ématique-d’octobre-le-FRANKY-IS-LAVA.jpg

October’s Theme Cocktail: the FRANKY IS LAVA!

It’s no longer a secret: The SHAKER Kitchen & Mixology team loves seizing the opportunity to create new seasonal delights. Inspired by the month of October and its theme holiday, the FRANKY IS LAVA was born: a beautifully monstrous cocktail, with a smooth, mellow taste!

More October 17, 2017’Albacore-asiatique.jpg

Asian Albacore

Always striving to innovate and go beyond, the SHAKER Kitchen & Mixology restaurant team makes boundless efforts to bring you new and exciting dishes. And what better way to challenge creativity than to participate in one of RestoQuebec’s culinary theme weeks!

This mont ... More October 2, 2017ébec-s’allient-au-Club-de-football-Rouge-et-Or.jpg

SHAKER’S Four Quebec City Restaurants Partner Up with the Rouge et Or Football Team!

All four Quebec area SHAKER locations are proud to offer their support to the Rouge et Or football team as a corporate partner for the new season! On game days, the Sainte-Foy, Cap-Rouge, Lévis and Charlesbourg restaurants will be happy to welcome football fans to make the fun ... More September 19, 2017écouvrez-EL-PATRON.jpg

Discover EL PATRON!

In honour of Quebec's 2017 edition of Burger Week, SHAKER's Kitchen & Mixology team offers you a Texan & South American-inspired burger, for a perfectly sweet and salty taste pairing: EL PATRON!

A hefty, prime cut beef patty, covered with Tex-Mex Philly steak strips and ... More September 6, 2017’expérience-SHAKER-s’amène-en-Beauce.jpg

SHAKER St-Georges: The SHAKER Experience Comes to the Beauce Area!

It's no longer a secret to the locals: St-Georges is now home to the 8th SHAKER restaurant-bar!

Open since last July, the newest member of the SHAKER family has already conquered the heart of everyone. Even before the official announcement of its opening, the people of ... More August 14, 2017À-deux-c’est-toujours-mieux.jpg

Two Is Better Than One!

At SHAKER Kitchen & Mixology, we like to let you choose. But sometimes, it may be hard to decide with 12 varieties of tartares and tataki… Will you try the Asian Beef or Italian Beef Tartare today? The Tuna or Beef Tataki? And what about the Lemon Dill or Greek Yogurt Salmon T ... More July 31, 2017’tits-nouveaux-de-la-carte-de-cocktails.jpg

The Newbies on Our Cocktail Menu!

Always striving to please you, the SHAKER Kitchen & Mixology team is constantly reinventing its mixology menu. Four new drinks have been born, just in time for the warm weather: The APRICOT BERRY SOUR, the OH! KEWI, the HIBISCUS and the PEACHY JACK, we invite you to discover t ... More July 5, 2017’agrandit-de-nouveau.jpg

And Seven: The SHAKER Family Is Growing Again!

Over the last few weeks, the seventh restaurant of the SHAKER Kitchen & Mixology banner has opened in Gatineau, to the delight of tartare and cocktail lovers in the region.

Eagerly awaited, this new branch has been warmly greeted by the locals: just a few days after its ... More June 14, 2017îcheur-pour-célébrer-l’arrivée-de-l’été-.jpg

A Fresh, Lively Duo to Celebrate the Start of Summer!

Although seasonal weather took a while to reach us, it’s here now: summer is finally around the corner! And what better way to enjoy sun-filled days than chilling on a terrace in good company… it is thus the perfect time to suggest a dish and cocktail pairing that will make yo ... More May 17, 2017À-LHONNEUR-DANS-NOTRE-NOUVEAU-COCKTAIL-DE-MICRODISTILLERIES-QUÉBÉCOISES-.jpg

Vermouth Featured in our New Quebec Distillery-Based Cocktail

Welcome the ROUGE GORGE cocktail, the last addition on the local mixology menu! Sweet, slightly bitter and red wine-flavoured, this orange-pink cocktail is made with the very first Quebec vermouth cider, Rouge Gorge. Cheers to that!

Originating from Domaine Lafrance in ... More March 23, 2017é-salé.jpg

The “Cochonnet” Burger & Chic Choc Sling Cocktail: A Sweet ‘n Salty Pairing

Fan of sweet-salty tastes? This is YOUR "dream mix" by SHAKER: Our "Cochonnet" Burger accompanied by its perfect mate, the Chic Choc Sling cocktail.

This gourmet burger unites the smooth sweet taste of apple and onion confit with the salty flavour of aged cheddar. Add t ... More March 22, 2017ématique-Le-Gentleman-Jack-à-la-cabane.jpg

New Cocktail Theme: The Gentleman Jack at the Shack

In the mood to enjoy the taste of the sugar shack, without venturing into snowy trails? Don’t wait any longer to experience our new maple-themed cocktail, the GENTLEMAN JACK AT THE SHACK!

Gentleman Jack American whiskey, ginger beer, raspberry liqueur, pear puree, maple ... More March 14, 2017é-culinaire-de-l’heure.jpg

The Poke Bowl, the Newest Food Trend

Warm Hawaiian breezes take hold of SHAKER’s kitchens: say Aloha to poke bowls! This delicious, healthy and heavenly typical Hawaiian dish is THE new food trend to try. Rich in fiber and protein, it’s the perfect combination of healthy eating and pleasant flavors in one bowl! H ... More February 10, 2017’art-de-la-cuisine-et-de-la-mixologie-s’invite-à-Charlesbourg-.jpg

The Art of Cuisine & Mixology takes root in Charlesbourg!

Charlesbourg residents, your wishes have been granted! The fifth SHAKER Cuisine and Mixology has chosen this locality north of Québec’s Downtown as its new location! Open for the first time last January, only hours after the final works had been completed! Located in the forme ... More January 13, 2017’expérience-SHAKER-se-déploie-jusque…dans-le-Bas-Saint-Laurent.jpg

The SHAKER experience sweeps over… The Bas-Saint-Laurent region

The SHAKER Cuisine & Mixology chain continues its expansion with the opening of a fourth Bar & Grill in December 2016. Located in the heart of downtown on Saint-Germain Street, in the former Bar chez Pull location, Shaker Rimouski offers 195 seats along with the largest terrac ... More December 20, 2016énésie-du-temps-des-Fêtes-au-SHAKER.jpg

Holiday Frenzy at SHAKER

The holiday season is upon us and the SHAKER Kitchen & Mixology is doing great things for the occasion. The festivities are at the rendezvous for the next days, on the atmosphere side, as well as in the menu! First, be aware that a special cocktail has been created for the occ ... More December 19, 2016ères-SHAKER-riment-avec-plaisir-.jpg

When beers & SHAKER rhyme with pleasure!

In the last years, we have seen a great evolution in the way beer is consumed! With its rise in popularity and the arrival of new microbreweries, beer consumption has become a trend itself! Many restaurants and bars are devoted to offer new beers from time to time, to the deli ... More November 26, 2016ûtez-le-Québec...-dans-un-pot-Mason-.jpg

Have a tase of Quebec … in a Mason jar!

SHAKER Kitchen & Mixology is proud of the local products. Its chef-mixologist Jean-René Lebel has designed a menu of six mixology cocktails concocted exclusively with 100% Quebec alcoholic beverages. The goal: to put Quebec microdistilleries in the spotlight and, above all, to ... More October 14, 2016ée-en-grand-pour-le-SHAKER-Cuisine-Mixologie.jpg

A great comeback for SHAKER Kitchen & Mixology

Who says early September says back to the harsh reality, whether it's back to school or back to work! Fortunately, some restaurants in the region offer us evenings where fun and good food are combined, glass in hand! SHAKER Kitchen & Mixology is one of them, which offers us a ... More September 3, 2016ée-parfaite.jpg

The SHAKER Ste-Foy … or How to Create a Perfect Evening

We have to admit, the nightlife in Quebec has changed a lot throughout the years. Nowadays, we can’t go out to a club every night, from Monday to Friday, like we used to. Restaurant-bars, microbreweries and small neighbourhood bars are just as popular. How can we stand out and ... More August 2, 2016ée-pour-le-SHAKER-de-Lévis-.jpg

The terrace is inaugurated for the SHAKER of Lévis!

The SHAKER Kitchen & Mixology of Lévis officially inaugurated its terrace last Thursday! Sun, atmosphere and pleasure were all in the air, for one of the most beautiful summer evenings we've had so far!

Located downtown, the SHAKER is perfect for a lunch break, or for a ... More July 2, 2016ère-mondiale-pour-le-cocktail-de-lété.jpg

The Shaman: A World Premiere for the Cocktail of the Summer

We announce a hot and humid summer for the beautiful region of Quebec and, therefore, a perfect summer season to cool off at the pool or with a good cocktail ... or 2! Moreover, to inspire you, we thought to talk with the winner of the Made with Love 2016 (Quebec), Jean-René L ... More June 7, 2016évis-.jpg

The SHAKER Concept Crosses the Bridges: Welcome SHAKER Lévis!

Following closely the opening of the Cap-Rouge restaurant, this all new SHAKER open its doors in the heart of Lévis in May 2016!

In the former Steak Shop location, SHAKER Lévis is planned just in time for the start of warmer weather!

Offering 175 indoor seats an ... More May 12, 2016ébec.jpg

A Newcomer to the Quebec City Restaurant-bar Scene!

The Pyramide is now home to a new tartare and cocktail concept

A fresh new wind comes to Sainte-Foy: SHAKER Kitchen & Mixology! In the former location of the mythical STAR BAR, the industrial chic styled restaurant-bar welcomes food lovers for daytime as well as nighti ... More April 15, 2015