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October’s Theme Cocktail: the FRANKY IS LAVA!

17 October 2017

It’s no longer a secret: The SHAKER Kitchen & Mixology team loves seizing the opportunity to create new seasonal delights. Inspired by the month of October and its theme holiday, the FRANKY IS LAVA was born: a beautifully monstrous cocktail, with a smooth, mellow taste!

Our chief mixologist, Jean-René Lebel, worked on the creation of this drink by first finding its name, penned from the contraction of Frankenstein (Franky) and the "The Floor Is Lava" game that became viral thanks to its Web video.

Then came its Halloween-style look, tweaked to the most minute detail: A blend of Smirnoff orange vodka, Southern Comfort, mango puree and passion fruit juice recalling the colour of a pumpkin, a raspberry coulis covers the "lava" part and a lime and mint-flavoured Frankenstein head brings the crowning touch, for a chillingly fun cocktail experience! All in all, the FRANKY IS LAVA is a delightfully fruity drink that is sure to please sweet cocktail lovers.

This grown-up version of a Halloween treat is available throughout the month of October at our 8 restaurants. Time to enjoy a cocktail!ématique-d’octobre-le-FRANKY-IS-LAVA.jpg

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