Fall for the HEARTBREAKER!

14 February 2020

For Valentine’s Day, our team recommends you the HEARTBREAKER, a creation that will, despite its name, warm your heart during this month of love!
This highly-demanded cocktail will surely charm you with its beautiful colors as well as its sweet and refreshing taste, leaving apple and raspberry flavours on the tongue.

Smirnoff Orange Vodka
Smirnoff Citrus Vodka
Blue Curaçao
Simple syrup
Raspberry puree
Apple juice
Lime juice

Made with a wide range of ingredients, this cocktail will display itself in various colours. Blue at first, a purple hue will appear that’ll get darker as the raspberry puree is mixed with the rest of the drink. One thing is certain: the HEARTBREAKER won’t leave you unmoved.

For the most romantic ones, try it in a GRAIL CUP and share it with your significant other. During a one-on-one dinner or between friends, come enjoy this mixology cocktail!


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