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Have a tase of Quebec … in a Mason jar!

14 October 2016

SHAKER Kitchen & Mixology is proud of the local products. Its chef-mixologist Jean-René Lebel has designed a menu of six mixology cocktails concocted exclusively with 100% Quebec alcoholic beverages. The goal: to put Quebec microdistilleries in the spotlight and, above all, to tickle the customers’ curiosity! Discover the local aromas, one sip at a time, through these true Quebec beverages rich in flavours and discoveries.

Discover the CHIC CHOC SLING and 60TH PARALLEL cocktails, made with Domaine Pinnacle's products in the Eastern Townships. Have a taste of Mauricie with the FORESTER and the BARNEY AT LOUISEVILLE, which are made with spirits of the Mariana Distillery. Explore the flavours of the Bas-Saint-Laurent through the aromas of the BAS-DU-FLEUVE, prepared with gin from the St-Laurent Distillery. Visit the Laurentides with the sweet and slightly bitter taste of the ROUGE GORGE, made with apple cider vermouth from Domaine Lafrance Cidrerie.

For each cocktail, a new flavour, a new destination! Good tasting :-)


CHIC CHOC SLING: Chic Choc Spiced Rum & Pinnacle Ice Cider (Domaine Pinnacle)
60TH PARALLEL: Ungava Gin (Domaine Pinnacle)
FORESTER: Canopée Gin (Mariana Distillery)
BARNEY TO LOUISEVILLE: Azimut Vodka (Mariana Distillery)
BAS-DU-RIVER: St-Laurent Gin (St. Lawrence Distillery)
ROUGE GORGE: Rouge Gorge Vermouth Cider (Domaine Lafrance's cider house)


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