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The SHAKER Ste-Foy … or How to Create a Perfect Evening

2 August 2016

We have to admit, the nightlife in Quebec has changed a lot throughout the years. Nowadays, we can’t go out to a club every night, from Monday to Friday, like we used to. Restaurant-bars, microbreweries and small neighbourhood bars are just as popular. How can we stand out and keep OUR customers? The key is atmosphere, efficient service and ... a convincing promo. Welcome to SHAKER Kitchen and Mixology Wednesdays.

I'm not a happy hour fan in general … I’d rather have a dinner at home with the girls or on one-on-one! This was until a certain Wednesday when a friend and I decided to stop there to avoid traffic. After fully taking advantage of the evening and returning there a few Wednesdays, I understood what was their winning formula that conquered everyone, from couples, girl or boy cliques to office groups.

When I talk about THE formula, it’s the one where you will be welcomed as if it were your 50th visit, when it’s your first. The formula where the staff will be like your best friend and where the menu and the tartares are madly delicious. The formula that offers you as a bonus, your wine or champagne at SAQ prices. Ok, SHAKER Kitchen & Mixology, you won me over!

My advice for your next visit?
* A seat at the bar, the bartenders are simply adorable and offer impeccable service!
As for the wine .... the Kung-Fu Girl Riesling white is refreshing and festive, let's face it! If you feel like something else, I dared to try a Moet Ice on a hot summery Wednesday ... acidulated vs non-acidulated? Simon won us over. We deserve to spoil ourselves from time to time!
* For the food, I am big fan of their tartares, more particularly the SALMON AND GREEK YOGURT tartare. However, the tuna tataki makes the taste buds go CRAZY. I recommend it 1000x!

For the rest? Improvise! The SHAKER Kitchen & Mixology Ste-Foy is one of the places in Quebec where the pleasure is not difficult to find! See you next Wednesday?

By Sarah Charbonneau, Expoze.tv

Read the full article: http://www.expoze.tv/shaker-ste-foy-labc-dune-soiree-parfaite/


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