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The Shaman: A World Premiere for the Cocktail of the Summer

7 June 2016

We announce a hot and humid summer for the beautiful region of Quebec and, therefore, a perfect summer season to cool off at the pool or with a good cocktail ... or 2! Moreover, to inspire you, we thought to talk with the winner of the Made with Love 2016 (Quebec), Jean-René Lebel, chef mixologist of restaurants SHAKER Kitchen & Mixology.

"It must be said that the expectations were high, and we didn’t expect to win! So, it's all the more fun and flattering for our team! For us, it's a way to thank our customers, and show them our gratitude, "says Jean-René. "In addition, we can’t hide the challenge for us behind the MWL this year, because with the opening of SHAKER in Lévis ... The fatigue was there! But it was worth it! "

The SHAMAN, named the # 1 choice of the public, is a summery and simply tasty cocktail! And behind this normal-looking cocktail hides a unique concept, which could very well go worldwide!

"We went there with a unique dehydration process, which was used for the first time at the MWL. The concept starts with 3D printing (in the form of a skull) of the cocktail ingredients, lychee and watermelon in this case. The "skull" is thus deposited in the mix, and that’s it! (...) We wanted to make a beautiful and fancy cocktail, but also to involve the customers, so that they can participate in the creation of the cocktail. At the restaurant, the SHAMAN will be served with the skull in the glass, and it will be up to them to put it down and finalize everything. Simply! "

The blend consists of vodka, campari, raspberry puree, tonic, rose & lavender syrup and half pressed lime. We throw in the little skull, and presto! It's a wrap ! Moreover, the SHAMAN will be available today in the 3 SHAKER Kitchen & Mixology of the region, and you can create your own cocktail.

It will be up to you, now, to live this unique experience, with a very summery and festive flavour! As for the other cocktails available, we will not be left out as the new menu is almost ready and should be available within a month! When will be your next visit?

By Sarah Charbonneau, Expoze.tv

To read the full article: http://www.expoze.tv/the-shaman-a-universe-world-for-the-cocktail-of-the-cities/


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