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Light As Air!

1 March 2018

SHAKER Kitchen & Mixology restaurants reinvent the classic Royal Kir, and add the "Bubbles" section to their mixology menu, offering two new cocktails to discover on your next outing!

Both made from sparkling wine, these new slightly sweet and fizzy drinks are served not in SHAKER’s famous Mason jar, but instead, in pretty wine glasses!

As for THE QUEEN, it owes its pinkish tinge to the hibiscus syrup and its sweet taste to the white cranberry juice. A cute blackberry skewer acts as a crown, for Her Majesty must be decorated!

THE KING, on the other hand, has a golden hue thanks to maple syrup and a hint of ginger, creating the perfect blend of sweet and spicy. A rosemary sprig serves as an ornament and adds a little "spice"!

These new mixology additions are just waiting to be tasted on your next trip to SHAKER! Discover them at one of our 10 restaurants across the province.


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