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The Newbies on Our Cocktail Menu!

5 July 2017

Always striving to please you, the SHAKER Kitchen & Mixology team is constantly reinventing its mixology menu. Four new drinks have been born, just in time for the warm weather: The APRICOT BERRY SOUR, the OH! KEWI, the HIBISCUS and the PEACHY JACK, we invite you to discover them now!


Summer, it’s for… drinking ice tea! But with the PEACHY JACK, we're not even close to the ice tea of our childhood...

Both light and fresh, the PEACHY JACK will bring back good summer memories with a blend of ice tea and peach tea, spruced up with some Gentleman Jack, Galliano and Apricot Brandy. This will no doubt be the most refreshing drink on hot days!

One of Your Favourites Has Had a Makeover!

Once available in a 1.5 oz SHORT DRINK, the SUMMER CUCUMBER has put on some weight and it’s for the better: we now offer it in Mason jars (4 or 6 oz of alcohol).
Many of you love this drink with a passion, and you can now love it even more!

Stay tuned in the coming weeks, we'll give you more details about our other creations! Or if you just can't wait to try them, come see us at one of our 8 restaurants (see the list of locations)!



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