Rediscover the poke bowl!

19 December 2018

A fresh wind always feels good! That’s why our team is stating the year with a new version of our poke bowl.

Let yourself be tempted by this fresh and tasty dish! It consists of a bed of rice on which is placed an amalgam of cucumbers, carrots, avocado and fried wonton dough. The new ingredients; a red cabbage salad marinated in raspberry vinegar and maple syrup, which is adding a slightly sour and fruity touch to the dish as well as refreshing soy beans seasoned with lemon juice and zest, sesame oil and two-colour sesame seeds for a fragrant and enveloping result! And when you opt for a salmon, tuna or shrimp poke bowl, delicious shrimp chips are added!

To top it off, choose from the 12 tartares and tataki offered! Hesitating among all these choices? Create your combination with the popular tartare duo or the trilogy!

You will certainly fall for this dish that brings flavours together!

Go to one of our restaurants to try it!é-1.jpg

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