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The SHAKER Arrives in Two IGA in St-Georges

15 February 2021

It is no secret, last year was hard on the restaurant business. SHAKER St-Georges took this opportunity to develop new projects and expand its presence! Much to the delight of the Beauce community, several products from the menu made their entry into the IGA Rodrigue & Groleau, located at 991, 150e Rue and Rodrigue & Filles, at 1950, boulevard Dionne.

It’s now possible to obtain tartares, poke bowls and premixed cocktail kits while running your errands. No need for a detour, you’ll find everything you need in one place! Furthermore, you’ll never get bored of the selection, since the menu changes every week: STRAWBERRY SALMON, ITALIAN BEEF, SHRIMP AVOCADO and more await you!

Besides, a service counter is open at IGA Rodrigue & Filles from Thursday to Saturday. Our staff cooks on-site in the heart of our brand new FRESH TO GO counter. The food we propose is filled with freshness and has the same signature taste as in restaurant.

We look forward to serve you during your next stop at the grocery store!


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