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A Newcomer to the Quebec City Restaurant-bar Scene!

15 April 2015

The Pyramide is now home to a new tartare and cocktail concept

A fresh new wind comes to Sainte-Foy: SHAKER Kitchen & Mixology! In the former location of the mythical STAR BAR, the industrial chic styled restaurant-bar welcomes food lovers for daytime as well as nightime dining to discover a singular experience.

Mixology has a starring role with a choice of some fifty cocktails including a dozen original creations. All these drinks are served in very on-trend Mason-style jars, in a choice of 2 and 4 oz alcoholic drinks. A selection or sweet or sour cocktails, for your enjoyment.

Close to one hundred dishes are offered by our kitchen, a variety or tartares, tataki and burgers hold court while many reinvented delicious classics are also offered. Even the most discerning diners will satisfy their taste for good food with this vast selection!

With a 400-seat dining area as well as a terrace that accommodates 140 people, SHAKER is THE destination for your upcoming summer outings. Come live the experience!


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