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A great comeback for SHAKER Kitchen & Mixology

3 September 2016

Who says early September says back to the harsh reality, whether it's back to school or back to work! Fortunately, some restaurants in the region offer us evenings where fun and good food are combined, glass in hand! SHAKER Kitchen & Mixology is one of them, which offers us a festive return in each of their establishments.

WINE AT COST Wednesdays and Sundays
The SHAKER Kitchen & Mixology is a must for a lively night out or a hearty dinner, on weekdays and especially on weekends. By the way, with the popularity of WINE AT COST Wednesdays, the owners have decided to add a second evening to the promotion : Sundays!

"People will be able to take advantage of our promotion on Sundays, as soon as 11 AM, as is now the case on Wednesdays. (...) The vibe is crazy on Wednesdays, so we want to reproduce it on Sundays!" explains Frédérick Forcier, co-owner.

The official launch of these evenings will be this Sunday, in the three SHAKER Kitchen & Mixology restaurants of the region; Ste-Foy, Lévis and Cap-Rouge! In keeping with tradition, a DJ will be on the spot to warm up the place and to create the signature atmosphere of the SHAKER. The promo is simple and effective: All wines, champagnes and sparkling wines are offered at SAQ prices, along with small bites that will be served to customers during the evening!

"For us, it's also an opportunity to please our customers, it's a way to thank them!" says Frédéric.

The SHAKER Fridays ... launched in Lévis
While spirits were high during WINE AT COST Sundays on September 4 in all the SHAKER restaurants, the one in Lévis had a very special evening planned on September 9 for the launching of SHAKER Fridays!

The game plan for the evening (in addition to the beautiful people and the great atmosphere!): A live band followed by a guest DJ, a magician, flair bartender, and as a bonus, you can discover their new drinks in the form of cocktail-tasting! Another thing to cheer you up? The promotion of course! Customers can purchase the 26 ounces for only $45 starting at 10 PM and the pint of beer for $3.75. Something that will surely please your tastebuds without breaking the bank. In summary, it will be a big party to celebrate the return to reality.

Write these two evenings in your agenda for the next week, fun and festivities will be on the program! Guaranteed!

By Sarah Charbonneau, Expoze.tv


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