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We Go All Out For the 10th Edition of the Poutine Week!

27 January 2022

From February 1st to 14, meatlovers all around will rejoice with our amazing poutine, the STERLING SILVER®. Recognized for its great quality, this piece of meat compliments perfectly with the rest of the ingredients: duck fat confit fingerling potatoes, cheese curds, green onions, sumptuous porto sauce, and to top it off, fresh chimichurri.

Undoubtedly, our creation compares favorably with even the most sophisticated meals! When there’s a Sterling Silver® flap steak on your poutine, we’re way past the stereotypically cheap dish. Besides, did you know that the Sterling Silver® meat is certified for its color, its texture and marbling? This means that you will have a premium culinary experience!


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