SHAKER Kitchen & Mixology arrived in the Granby area in January 2023! The fifteenth addition take place in downtown Granby, on the rue Principale, more precisely in the former premises of the Burger King.

Renovations have been made to refresh the establishment and update it with SHAKER’s signature ambiance and decor. The place serve 200 seated people and include a large central bar as well as a terrace.

We look forward to welcoming you!

SHAKER Granby 855, rue Principale, Granby,
QC, J2G 2Y9
S 11:30 11:00
M 11:30 11:00
T 11:30 11:00
W 11:30 11:00
T 11:30 1:00
F 11:30 3:00
S 11:30 3:00