New burgers on the Menu!

15 November 2019

New menu rhymes with new dishes! The 20th edition of our menu is a real breath of fresh air, with two newbies in the BURGER section! Discover the MUSHROOM and the ULTIMATE CHEEEEZE, the most recent creations with revealing names! We can’t hide anything from you!

Mushroom and garlic fans will be served with this dish! Let’s start by spreading rosemary mayonnaise on a burger bun. Then we add: beef, mushrooms, Swiss cheese and lettuce. The secret behind its unique taste? Swiss melted to perfection!

Does the name mean anything to you? It should, it’s the recipe that has been served in our restaurants during the Burger Week 2019! With the ULTIMATE CHEEEEZE’s success back in September, we though we’d make the biggest cheese fans happy by adding it to the menu permanently. The secret behind this success? Canadian cheddar cheese, Swiss cheese, beef patty, Le P’tit Crémeux from the Fromagerie Boivin, crispy fried onions, tomato, bacon, arugula & burger sauce!


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