Opposites Attract!

6 April 2018

One is sweet, the other is salty, but their encounter creates a unique blend of flavours! Discover the dish & cocktail pairing suggested by our team: the TWO SALMONS, a well-seasoned tartare, and the COMTE DRACULA, a sweet cocktail.

With its mix of fresh salmon, smoked salmon, classic tartar sauce and pickled ginger, the TWO SALMONS offers the perfect balance between fresh and tasty. Like a revisited version of the classic salmon tartare, its lightly "smoked" taste brings a touch of novelty in the mouth, and contrasts perfectly with the recommended cocktail’s sweet taste!

Its blood red color may have inspired its name, but its sunny taste is nowhere near the darkness of the vampire character. Spicy Captain Morgan rum, peach Schnapps, raspberry puree, passion fruit juice and grenadine merge together to create a very fruity drink, counter-balancing perfectly the salty taste of the proposed dish.

This dish & cocktail combination awaits you on your next outing to one of our restaurants.



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