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When beers & SHAKER rhyme with pleasure!

26 November 2016

In the last years, we have seen a great evolution in the way beer is consumed! With its rise in popularity and the arrival of new microbreweries, beer consumption has become a trend itself! Many restaurants and bars are devoted to offer new beers from time to time, to the delight of the clientele. Always proactive and on the lookout for the needs of its dear customers, SHAKER Kitchen & Mixologie is moving in the same direction, with their diversified beer menu, brewed locally or elsewhere in the world. Belgian beers, draft or bottled, IPA, white, blond or amber, beer lovers are served!

By the way, great news! Following Labatt's acquisition of the Archibald microbrewery distribution division, some of the most popular beers such as Chipie, Joufflue and Matante are now available in all SHAKER restaurants. You will find a wider range of beers to complement your happy hour or your Saturday guy gathering. If you're more epicurean, you can even match some menu items to your favourite beer! The plate to be shared, for 2 or 4 people, will most likely be one of your best options. As an aperitif, opt for white beers such as Joufflue, Hoegaarden or Shock Top and your taste buds will want to fizzle! Otherwise, there are always the classics like the Budweiser, Stella Artois or ... the good old Labatt 50! Just select your choice for the next visit!

Hello novelty!

Available in kegs from now on, here are the three novelties of SHAKER in great details:
• CHIPIE - American Pale Ale, 5% alc.
Red beer well malted with the body and the presence of bitterness. Nice balance between malt and hops. Copper coloured, it is "pale" (compared to English ancestral types). It goes well with the most upscale dishes and with firm and full-bodied cheeses. It is also ideal as an aperitif!
• MATANTE - American Blonde Ale, 4.9% alc.
Beautiful blond that has a long lasting head and a delicate aroma of both malt and hops.Its smoothness makes it the perfect choice to initiate craft beer. Its delicate malty body harmonises well with a short lightly hopped aftertaste.It is drank alone or with any kind of starter and it combines well with most mild cheeses.
• JOUFFLUE - Belgian white beer, 4.2% alc.
Refreshing light-bodied Belgian style Blanche on lees that has an inviting, aromatic nose with notes of citrus, coriander and wheat. Delicate hops harmonise perfectly with a light body in this highly refreshing brew. A light beer with full and round paces, the Joufflue is very refreshing. Ideal with raw vegetables, fresh cheeses and fruity starters.

So this is it! You are now up to date with the To Drink menu of the SHAKER Kitchen and Mixology. All you need is to choose what you want to try for the next visit!


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